About us

After almost 40 years in nursing and financial services we decided to realize our dream, move to Spain to enjoy life, people, culture and the climate. Not only that, but also to make that possible for others. In addition to enjoyment, we have focused on the purchase of a building in which we can also rent out a number of apartments. It keeps us active and always delivers new and nice contacts. And……. how much more fun can people be during their holidays? That is how it becomes a bit of our vacation.

Obviously a decent decision, but for many people around us not entirely unexpected. And certainly not for us. This move has happened more often in recent years, but do you dare / do it and what is a suitable moment? Of course also business, but certainly more private.

Anyway a whole new experience, but partly based on what we have experienced almost 30 years during our own holidays in this beautiful region. We like to read, walk and cycle ourselves. Berend "likes to play a ball" (wave) and José makes her own teddy bears.