between Calpe and Benissa
Three rural holiday apartments
los-olivos drive on
Naja terrace apartment III
Swimming pool at night

Los-Olivos has a magnesium pool

Globally there are 3 types of swimming pools:

  • Everyone knows the chlorinated water pool. Obviously a very good solution if it is handled with care. With this care too, it is unfortunately often the case that you can smell it from afar, that after swimming you have an itchy skin, that your swimsuit colors and of course the red eyes. Too much chlorine is not good, too little certainly not. Daily testing and adjusting is often the practice.
  • There have also been mild saltwater baths for some time. Based on the experiences with seawater. Mild, because the concentration of salt is much lower than is the case with seawater. This is also much more enjoyable. However, the healthy functioning and no irritation remains.
  • A variant of the mild saltwater swimming pools is the magnesium pool. The magnesium chloride contained in it softens and cleanses the skin. Also, the minerals in eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin problems can bring relief, but does not cause irritation. The bathing water is disinfected in a natural way (no chemicals) and always soft. By applying the minerals and the salt the water quality increases and the water remains clean and clear. Not only visually, but also really clean. A therapeutic added value is also created because the minerals can be absorbed through the skin. And certainly no red eyes. The water quality is monitored by a computer from minute to minute and adjustments are made automatically if necessary.