Los-Olivos is centrally located in the middle of 9 golf courses, most of which can be reached within half an hour. In the spring and autumn these courses are perfect to play and the temperature with such 20-25 ° C is very suitable to book a start time at any time of the day. in winter it is usually also great to play. Almost always dry, often sunny and a temperature of 15-20 ° C, but in July and August the advice to start early. After an hour or 11 the jobs are usually empty. Just too hot.
November 2017 César Sánchez, the mayor of Calpe even announced that Calpe will soon have its own golf course, which is currently planned at approximately 3 kilometers from Los-Olivos.
An overview of all jobs in the area (and beyond) here..
Of course you can bring your own clubs. Sometimes you can also rent something on a job. But you fly at Alicante, then you can reserve your clubs there and ready to put. You can also use a pick-up and return service. Can you play with your own clubs.


Whether you can also walk there, some hiking friends and girlfriends asked us when it became clear what we were planning. With some 100-third kilometers of hiking, climbing and climbing paths, usually well-marked, and a very suitable climate, it is a perfect environment to make daily hikes, if necessary. Throughout the year. There are all kinds of difficulty levels. Examples can be found on Wikiloc, for example. We have here a selection made for you. You start many walks from Los-Olivos. And of course it is a nice challenge for everyone who is physically in order and has an average condition to climb the Peñon Ifach.


What goes for walking also applies to cycling. We already knew that many of the large professional teams in Calpe and the surrounding area will come and train in the spring for the upcoming season, but that, for example, in February, we saw even more amateurs riding among these professional teams…. that really surprised us. Of course you can cycle all year round, but we advise you to work on your fitness first for a trip in July or August. Here too, you already have access to Wikiloc you can search for routes.

You can of course bring your own bicycle, even by plane. There and back for usually just under € 100 and a mandatory reusable box of around € 40. If you find that difficult, you could use it a pick-up and return service. Renting on site is usually a much better solution. For example, only take your shoes with you. There are enough options. Even to be guided during your cycling holiday, whether or not with a follow-on car, for a (small) fee. Of course we have contacts for this. For example with Alta Bike Rental.
You can rent a new racing bike from € 25 per day, with or without a small battery, comfortable uphill, or a normal touring bike with a battery. The bicycles are fully adjusted on the basis of your information Los-Olivos delivered and picked up again. More info can be found at

To dive

It is wonderful snorkeling on the Costa Blanca, but there are also many opportunities to really explore the world underwater. Take a test dive and get yourself within a week Padi. You can already begin your theory at home. For the experienced diver there is much to discover on the Costa Blanca. Choose from a number of schools around Calpe: